Robert Dale Kloppenburg

When I graduated from UC Berkeley after WWII, I was hired as a plant breeder by Armstrong Nursery in Ontario, California where I hybridized roses, peaches, camellias, Heuchers, and berries – both raspberry and blackberry. Then I managed the retail nursery next to Kaiser Steel in Fontana, California as Assistant Ag. Director. In 1957 I moved back to Fresno, California and started a couple of craft stores for about 10 years. Then I went to work for Northrup King Company as a research agronomist, coordinating between plant breeders and farmers in Woodland, California, where I place tested plots of corn, wheat, sorghum, alfalfa…well, you get the idea. Much of my time was inside greenhouses and my own tissue culture lab where I grew orchids and finally hoyas and hybridized the orchids. Eventually, Norvartis bought Northrup King and I retired in 1986. However, I continued my Hoya research! I’ve traveled all over the South Pacific collecting and studying hoyas: Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, Guam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Okinawa, and Ponapae (and all points inbetween!). I hope you enjoy the journey of my life’s work through the fascinating world of these beautiful plants: Hoya.

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